Challenge Cup Education Startups

A3-1Tf9FLxF3BEQAxBAAdTr5Ex5XjIv50NChezR7GkA,vqHV2I7MJOmJb2ALcd3V0OkYyPMGlaG6BhW8xgYuoswEducation is of critical importance when it comes to our lives as citizens. Thanks to high barriers to entry and regulatory gatekeepers, the education industry has been slow to embrace innovation compared to other consumer-based industries. Throughout the Challenge Cup regional tournaments, dozens of edtech startups work to change that, tackling the question of how to deliver high quality education while reducing costs. These startups focus on access, cost, quality and applicability for the demands of a 21st-century workplace.

Meet the 16 Education Startups coming to Washington, DC  for Challenge Festival:

eduCanon (Washington, DC) – eduCanon is an online learning environment to build and share interactive video lessons. The eduCanon platform incorporates teaching pedagogy and the best practices of online video environments, planned learning routes, formative assessments and personalization.

Youtopia (Chicago, IL) – Youtopia is a student engagement platform that provides plug-and-play gamification tools that incentivize students to become more engaged in their school and community. Youtopia matures with students from kindergarten to college. Now educators have a fun and easy way to inspire their students to do all of the good things they want them to do and a way to reward them for going above and beyond.

We Study In (Moscow, Russia) – We Study In is a peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform, which helps prospective students choose a university and apply there. There are now more than 80 We Study In advisors who can cover the 2000 best worldwide educational programs held in the platform’s free database. Also, We Study In provides access to relevant information on each program, including entry requirements, documents, skills required, deadlines and contacts.

WriteReaderAps (Berlin, Germany) – Write to Read is a new app for children from ages 3 to 10 years old, and it teaches the children to read by writing. The app is tested primarily by schoolteachers in cooperation with leading Danish scientific researchers.

Fluency (London, UK) – Fluency is a learning platform and community that helps young people develop skills, gain real-world experience and get access to work opportunities. As a company with a social mission, we want to help some of the 75 million unemployed young people worldwide find work.Stage_159

SmartestK12 (Los Angeles, CA) – SmartestK12 transforms the classroom and helps teachers understand each student’s needs to get results that matter. SmartestK12 enables teachers to seamlessly receive personalized student data on any classroom document to then instantly make actions. SmartestK12 is building tools to help teachers transition to new technologies, quickly incorporate the Common Core State Standards and effortlessly use data to differentiate the learning experience for each student.

Pathgather (New York, NY) – Pathgather is an enterprise-learning platform that connects the workforce around professional and personal development. It allows employees to discover, recommend and review the best learning content, track their learning progress and share learning paths with coworkers.

BrightLoop (Boston, MA) – BrightLoop is a tool for teachers to capture student insights. It allows teachers to turn their daily notes and observations about students into personalized student instruction in the classroom.

Aceable (Austin, TX) – Aceable is an online platform that adds game mechanics, entertainment and mobility to required-education courses such as driver’s education.

CampuScene (Denver, CO) – CampuScene is a college-information platform. It is the only platform on which applicants can view digital content, virtual tours, mobile search, interactive maps, social media and more.

EduKar (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – EduKar is an innovative way for people to invest in students’ training, offering financial support and various other services to complement their training.

Squirrelthat (Cape Town, South Africa) – Squirrelthat is a platform that allows users to capture their learning immediately on any device. Users can then choose what they want to do with it—including share it with groups with similar interests. DSC_1119 copy (Tel Aviv, Israel) – takes a new approach to digital language learning with a free, cross-platform solution that combines an online dictionary with a smart, personalized flashcard system to teach beginner through advanced learners via web immersion.

iMedia.FM Limited (Beijing, China) – iMedia is a web-based, English-language program for Chinese children from ages 4 to 11 years old. The platform includes integrated lessons, exercises, games, assessments and reports with offline materials (including books, readers and merchandise) for early learners and for those with limited exposure to English. (New Delhi, India) – RockYourPaper allows users to search over 1 million research articles from 1,600 open-access platforms and university digital libraries. It helps the user publish and share their research work with great peer review, in three easy steps. It also helps the user grow their academic network by allowing them to find and connect researchers with same subject interest.

UClass (San Francisco, CA) – UClass is a venture-backed, Common-Core-lesson marketplace that aims to disrupt the curriculum industry. On UClass, both teachers and textbook companies sell their vetted resources in bite-sized formats.