Challenge Cup Energy Startups


The energy industry is rapidly changing domestically and internationally. Growing demands for sustainable energy, renewable resources, and realtime data are quickly altering the customer consumption decisions. Throughout the Challenge Cup regional tournaments, energy startups each pitched their technologies and solutions to better provide energy and distribute resources more efficiently to the world. These startups focus on clean, renewable and alternative energy to help shape our planet’s future and our footprint. 

Meet the 16 Energy Startups coming to Washington, DC  for Challenge Festival:

Ethical Electric (Washington, DC) – Ethical Electric is an energy company that does good by powering as many American homes and businesses as possible with 100 percent clean energy from local, renewable sources like wind and solar. Ethical Electric sells clean energy from local solar and wind farms and does not sell energy from coal, natural gas, nuclear or oil. The company has a simple rule: if it burns, it isn’t clean. Part of the proceeds from supplying 100-percent clean energy supports progressive organizations and causes at the direction of Ethical Electric members.

myPower (Chicago, IL) – myPower is a running companion that clips to the user’s hip and captures their kinetic energy as he or she runs. myPower stores this energy so the user can charge their smartphone or other mobile device later in the day. Running with myPower for a year can offset the carbon footprint of itself and the device it charges. myPower is comfortable, stylish, and can be worn when biking or walking as well.

EcoCat (Moscow, Russia) – EcoCat is a producer of catalytic heaters and filters, used for the decomposition of combustion products. Doing this eliminates heat exchange and forced ventilation, reducing heating costs by a factor of four.

Plugsurfing (Berlin, Germany) – PlugSurfing is the solution to finding electric car charging points and barrier-free payment for EV charging. By merging multiple data sources, including real-time APIs direct from charging point providers, as well as static crowdsourced data from the charging point community, the PlugSurfing apps and websites are able to display the world’s largest database of charging points. With a database unrivaled in terms of both quality and quantity, PlugSurfing is the answer to range anxiety and wider EV adoption.

Open Utility (London, UK) – Open Utility is a marketplace that enables consumers to buy energy directly from producers, giving a fairer price to everyone.


Enervee (Los Angeles, CA) – Enervee is the world’s first energy-smart scoring platform. The Enervee Score brings a MPG (miles per gallon) style rating to the purchasing of electronics and appliances (soon cars & real-estate), making it easy for consumers and businesses to save energy, save money and help the planet. The company distributes their content via real-time scored web channels for integration in four target markets: publishers, utilities, government and owned and operated sites.

Simply Grid (New York, NY) – Simply Grid uses proprietary technology to provide on-site, self-service electricity via industry standard charging stations and in-wall outlets to customers who initiate service with their mobile phones.

nCarbon (Austin, TX) – A low cost solution for auto manufacturers to meet fleetwide fuel efficiency standards by improving Micro-Hybrid technology.

WaterLens (Austin, TX) – WaterLens is a patented and patent-pending system for real-time chemical analysis of water and other fluids that can be performed at the well site.

Avivid (Denver, CO) – Avivid uses the electrocoagulation process, which solves the problem of scaling to large water volumes. The electrocoagulation technology uses sacrificial anodes to place highly reactive ions in contaminated water solutions.

Solarbrush (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – Solarbrush uses robots that clean solar panels in arid regions, such as deserts. Current methods of manual maintenance are both costly and dangerous in high-heat and high-voltage environments.

Khaya Power (Cape Town, South Africa) – Khaya Power provides small amounts of power to those still living on the paraffin grid by means of a portable battery combined with a charging station that makes use of grid or solar power. The batteries are contained in small, secure recycled 5-liter plastic containers and swapped out at local ‘charging stations’ once their power is depleted.

Winflex (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Winflex is a company in the renewable energy field that has developed a new patent-pending rotor and unique wind turbine design.


J&F Technology (Beijing, China) – J&F Technology is an innovative company engaged in the design, manufacturing and supply of high-quality automotive equipment to worldwide markets.

Longman Suntech Energy (New Delhi, India) – Longman Suntech Energy realizes that Solar Power is the right solution for India’s Energy needs and shortage problems. Thus, Solar Power offers solutions with no upfront cost—an innovative and pioneering concept in India.

Enact Systems (San Francisco, CA) – enACT is a home-energy marketplace that allows users to plan money-saving projects, view live bids from local service providers and financiers in an area, schedule appointments with them and more. enACT partners with major utilities and plans to expand beyond California soon.