Challenge Cup Health Startups

lhtcPpCDOJiAq2ZK9sGd9Jl8Br6a5vbjvDfB27NUU_QDespite government policies and political opinions evolving so rapidly in Washington, innovators in the health industry are still one step ahead of the curb. Throughout the Challenge Cup regional tournaments, dozens of health startups pitched their work, aimed to make practical healthcare resources more available on mobile devices, in the home and during urgent care at medical centers. These solutions focused on making devices that are low-cost, easy-to-use and personal for patients.

Meet the 16 Health Startups coming to Washington, DC for Challenge Festival:

Dorsata (Washington, DC) – Dorsata aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of delivering care by providing a centralized platform for clinical pathway development and ultimately EHR implementation. Dorsata is developing a system through which clinicians can collaboratively develop, discover, and implement their pathways into their day-to-day workflow of order entry.

Caremerge (Chicago, IL) – Caremerge is a health care coordination and transition platform. Their mobile and web apps allow senior living communities to simplify their care coordination efforts with various onsite and offsite stakeholders (facility staff, physicians, hospitals, and families), all of which provide care for residents.

Cancer IQ (Chicago, IL) – Cancer IQ enables data-driven personalized cancer care. This startup offers a web-based service that closes gaps in knowledge by giving oncologists access to large, curated repository of similar patients, guidelines, and network of providers at top institutions and by using algorithms to interpret molecular diagnostic data and identify high risk patients.

ChronoKair (Wildcard)  –ChronoKair is a smartphone & tablet application that provides a comprehensive and visual summary of the patient’s hospital course and/or treatment record as well as their projected trajectory on one screen using real time objective data in an easily consumable design. This technology facilitates and reinforces the communication and decisions made during “shift change” when doctors hand off their patients, daily rounding, patient care phone calls and other telemedicine. It is easily navigable and customizable by each provider.

CzMRpl_XklWi1mI_PVOs5KFgsAdaGIbuOiucBQHlkgINeural Analytics (Los Angeles, CA) – Bleeding or swelling of the brain due to head trauma can increase the pressure inside a patient’s skull (ICP), which is dangerous and may be fatal if left untreated. Recognizing this unmet need, researchers in the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery have developed a non-invasive alternative to assess elevated ICP, and Neural Analytics is building RapidICP, a hand-held head trauma screening tool that encapsulates this technology.

Focus Fertility (New York, NY) – Focus Fertility is a suite of services that equips women and their partners with information they need to efficiently navigate the process of fertility treatments, saving them time, money and stress.

BeTH (Boston, MA) – BeTH develops high-impact, low-cost healthcare solutions for underserved populations.

Spot On Sciences (Austin, TX) – Spot on Sciences is an easy-to-use device for self-sampling and robust storage and shipment of blood samples. This product allows users to take a blood sample at any time, anywhere.

ePatientFinder (Wildcard) – Tool that uses analytics technology to connect patients with cutting edge treatments which are recently approved by the FDA or still in clinical trials.

Asius Technologies (Denver, CO) – Asius Technologies offers a revolutionary, inflatable in-ear audio technology, the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens. When used in hearing aids, headsets and ear buds, the Adel gives the user a richer sound quality, a custom fit, and a safe listening experience.

Medicinia (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – Medicinia is an alternative healthcare delivery model, based on online, high-frequency interactions to complement the traditional office-based, low-frequency model, increasing doctor productivity and patient satisfaction. It does this through a question and answer platform to connect patients with doctors and general practitioners with specialists.

Anasodiabitiz (Cape Town, South Africa) – Anasodiabitiz connects people, support groups, health care providers and companies that work together locally to make diabetes less of a scourge.

MediSafe (Tel Aviv, Israel) – MediSafe is a cloud-based, medication-management platform designed to understand the personal causes of non-adherence. The platform uses this information in real-time to create better patient engagement and raise medication adherence.

F7G-8eWTgIB53UYdMp4H_hfifQpjFUSNWELHKRwGg6wCoyote Bioscience (Beijing, China) – Coyote Bioscience makes innovative personal devices in Life Science and Molecular Diagnostics. The company minimizes all of the redundant features and makes the key functions more powerful and user-friendly. Coyote’s devices are easy to handle and set, which can save on labor costs significantly. (New Delhi, India) – provides an e-clinic platform for health coaches. The company allows health coaches to see more clients in less time by automating marketing and communication, allowing them to grow their clinics and bring down the cost overall for the patient.

ReferralMD (San Francisco, CA) – referralMD is a web application that offers a comprehensive, business-management solution designed to track and monetize health care referrals.