Date January 23, 2014
Time5:30 - 9:00 PM
Venue Galvanize
Address 1062 Delaware St
Denver, CO
Country United States

Congratulations to the winners of the Denver Challenge Cup: Campuscene, Avivid, Asius Technologies, and WeatherCloud!

See the participating startups below and all of the press from the event here.

Missed the Denver event? Watch it now:

This Event's Competing Startups

This Event's Judges' Panel

  • Lawrence Mendes Galvanize
  • Kelly Jean Brough Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Mike Brevoort Pearson
  • Jeremy Rudy Pearson
  • Pat Riley Global Accelerator Network
  • Brad Greenwald Hilltop Venture Partners
  • Mike Freeman Innosphere
  • Donna Harris 1776