Chicago Challenge Cup Participants

The Challenge Cup is officially headed out on the road with our first stop in Chicago! Below is a list of participants from the windy city, which we will keep updating as we head into our Chicago competition. Don’t forget to RSVP to next Monday’s event at the 1871 Campus to hear their pitches in person.


VLinks Media - Platform that makes it easy for organizations to create and deploy engaging team training courses with focus on simplicity and user experience.

DigitalGroundUp Inc. – Interactive technology platform that teaches digital marketing to companies and individuals through interactive software that requires users to demonstrate mastery of a concept before moving on to next level.

ThinkCERCA – Online, CCSS-aligned literacy program with tools and content to enable teachers to help students learn to read closely, think critically, and ultimately develop powerful arguments across disciplines.

MyColLife – Student-centered social media platform that simplifies the pathway from high school to higher education and career goals.

Overgrad – Web platform that creates trackable college admission goals for high school students, while improving universities’ ability to remain relevant in the constantly-changing higher ed ecosystem.

Knowledgeo – Coursera with career matching platform, enables people seeking professional education to learn skills they need to find ideal jobs.

Youtopia – Student engagement platform that provides plug-and-play gamification tools (points, badges, & leaderboards) that incentivize students to become more engaged in their school and community.

Boosterville – New way for schools to fundraise via in-person purchases of everyday needed items, while a portion supports charity.

Moneythink - Technologically-enhanced financial mentoring for teens, targetting urban 11th and 12th graders.

LearnMetrics - a platform that helps schools seamlessly extract insights from the data they are already collecting, then magnifies the effectiveness of those insights by making them measurable, trackable, and communicable.


myPower - Running companion that clips to your hip, captures your kinetic energy as you run, and stores energy so you can use it to charge your smartphone or other mobile device later in the day. 

Russell Energy - developed the first patented integrated high efficiency electric generator and totally unique internal combustion (IC) engine that offers significant advantages over existing IC technology, including efficiency, power, power density, size, weight and vibration free operation.


Qualia Health - Tracks the health status of chronically ill patients using wearable sensors; provides information back to the patient to enable and empower them in making decisions about their health, while also allowing their provider to intervene when the patient gets sicker.

DIIME – Developing new medical device to improve maternal health in developing countries; intended for use in auto-transfusion in cases of ruptured ectopic pregnancy and other traumas, where blood can be salvaged from abdomen and cleaned for re-infusion when donor blood is not available.

Project SAM - Mobile inventory tracking platform that enables health clinics in developing world to digitize and manage their inventory records through basic mobile phones, and integrate those records into an online database.

CancerIQ – Data-driven personalized cancer care; web-based service that closes gaps in knowledge by: giving oncologists access to large, curated repository of similar patients, guidelines, and network of providers at top institutions; using algorithms to interpret molecular diagnostic data, identify high risk patients, lead providers towards actionable interventions.

Additive Analytics – Data-driven approach to health to help hospitals analyze their services and ultimately improve clinical outcomes.

Sintact Medical Systems, LLC – Non-degradable tissue separator film that prevents separate adjacent organs from adhering to each other after surgery.

Innoblative Designs – Making breast cancer treatment faster, safer, more convenient, and less expensive via designed ablation probe that allows surgeons to perform intra-operative procedure that destroys residual breast cancer cells in minutes instead of weeks.

Caremerge – Healthcare coordination and transition platform; mobile / web apps allow senior living communities to simplify their care coordination efforts with various onsite and offsite stakeholders (facility staff, physicians, hospitals, families, etc.), all providing care for residents.

PUSH Wellness – behavioral economics-based wellness incentive provider; we pay your employees monthly cash incentives to reward verified incremental improvements in five health measures: weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, and fitness.

Caregiverlist – provides the premiere service connecting seniors and professional caregivers with the most reliable eldercare options, highest quality ratings and outstanding careers nationwide. We deliver information you can trust, with kindness and integrity, as experienced advocates for seniors and caregivers.

Smart Cities

CityScan, Inc. – Inspects, observes, and predicts street-level activity and changes that impact cities.

Spare to Share, LLC – Web and mobile platform  that enhances community experience through sharing, renting, selling, or collaboration within existing closed networks such as residential buildings, student housing & small businesses.

CurbNinja - Crowd-sourced motorcycle parking application that helps motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts find best places to park in busy urban centers.

Virtual Agora - Platform for people of diverse views to meet and debate in structured format focusing on local community issues; gamification of debate process with built-in self-regulating mechanism bringing top views based on facts and logic.

LoadCost – Provider of online solutions, that help small, U.S. trucking companies decrease operational costs and increase profits.

Every Last Morsel - community marketplace for locally grown food;  provides small farms with record-keeping tools and easy-to-use sales outlets that allow them to focus on doing what they love — growing food.